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- Launching Thailand Experience Program
- Our own operations and projects - in Sri Lanka and Thailand
- Love photography ? Ask us for a customized tour for this special interest












Dear All

Greetings from Idex, we have some exciting travel updates to share.

Thailand Experience Program:

Inspired by success of our Nepal & India Experience Program, we are now ready with Thailand Experience Program.

It is covering almost all the aspects of Thailand one would like to see. One can:

  • Visit to Bangkok city,
  • Experience the National Parks and Temples in Kanchanburi,
  • Can do Volunteering work in Chonburi,
  • Experience the thrill of adventure sports in Pattaya &
  • Relax at the beaches of Koh Pha Ngan.

A complete program for all those who wish to see Thailand and want to add meaning to their traveling










Expansion in Sri Lanka & Thailand:

After expansion in Thailand last month, Our team members are busy working in creating our base in Sri Lanka this month.Our intent is to cover Vietnam too in the coming two months.

With this kind of network we will be able to provide you with better opportunities and more programs in the coming season in various countries.

We are being asked by our partners worldwide “Are you setting up your own projects and operations or are you using another local organization?” . So we want to address this directly and let you know that all our destinations will have our own teams, projects, housing etc – similar to our loved and popular set ups in India and Nepal. We are proud of our  “obsession” with continuous improvements in our travelers’ experience and our own teams and set up is an integral part of our success. We would therefore repeat the same in all the new countries that we are growing ourselves to. 













Special Interest Group Travel- Photography:

We introduce you to ‘special interest travel’ for those interested in Photography and allied fields, for Academic or Personal Interest.

It would be a customized tour catering to all the aspects  pertaining to photography.Under this program one would:

  • Visit Monuments at different cities, Local Bazaars, Volunteering Projects, People & Community, Museums, Country side, Cultural Workshops etc.
  • Pertaining to the subject one would visit Media houses, attend photography workshops & would interact with the professionals in this field.

We already have custom travel itineraries for Medical & Engineering Interest groups.

Volunteering Projects help people from the community. Listen to their share of experience.


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